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Welcome - What This Is All About

Updated: Mar 31

Welcome to this site. It is nice to have you here.

I’ve taught online for over 20 years. I have written courses, advised students for their dissertation and created re-licensure programs for special education teachers.

When the pandemic hit I thought ahhh, welcome to my world fellow educators!

Then I screetched on the breaks and said, "Wait! Hold up!"….this online teaching is all new to teachers, they have to learn a whole new skill set and no one was talking about the phenomenal job they were doing.

Sure we had lots of news about health care workers, but what about the incredible work that was going on in online classrooms?

So, I created this site as a space to tell your story and share what you want, what you wish and what you need now and during the year of lockdown.

It is for all of us who had to change how we work this past year. Perhaps you had to learn new technology, devise curriculum, create a work space in your closet…..I want to hear it all.

My goal? Create a time capsule for all the people that made it work (or not work) during the pandemic.

Ready to share your story? We're listening.

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