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Updated: Apr 16


I remember it so clearly, I was sitting at my desk and I heard our school district was shutting down. We had heard snippets of information, but we were in no way ready to go virtual. We spent the next week making copies and preparing paperwork for all of our special needs students, even though we were supposed to be home.

I really wanted a better curriculum for our students to keep up with their regular ed peers. I thought if we could just use adaptable materials we could get a handle on all areas of learning. It was very frustrating.

I wished we had virtual meetings. We did not have the chance to all get together to help each other and looking back, it would have helped in so many ways. Now we can use virtual learning for weather days and I think that will be good.

I wish people knew how much we tried to take care of our special students and in most cases, their parents too. We all had to pitch in and be very detailed about how to work the virtual platform; it took a lot of time.

I need people to know that that we needed more support from the district. We needed more counseling both for our students and our fellow teachers. Many times there were incidences within the family of our students and we were helpless. Grief over death, illness, hunger, all of these things we had to deal with in addition to trying to follow the IEP.

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