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I'll Start Us Off - What I Want, Wish & Need...As Of Today


What I really want right now is to have a day where everyone can eat at the same time without technology. I am tired of the Zoom dinners and want some personality around my table, is that too much to ask? No phones, no TV in the background, just people, in the same room together.


Can I wish for world peace? Of course an end to the relentless quarantine, but that is what everyone wants, isn’t it?


I need another episode of All Creatures Great and Small. I want to see more knit wear on characters who help sick animals and delay looking at mail that may contain unwanted news. I want to sit down at their Sunday dinner and have roast with potatoes and sprouts. Seems to me I want comfort over everything else.

Round two...


I want a new bike. My bike mechanic (just those 2 words show how inept I am around bikes) says the formula for another bike is N+1 with N the number of current bikes…..and 1 as the next one you want. My friend Linda is getting a gravel bike (I think it is for smooth rides on stone, just guessing). I think she said she has to wait 6 months for it to ship.


I wish I could make decent bread. I ‘d really like to make that kind that has whole eggs in the shell wrapped around braided dough…..we used to eat it around Easter when I was growing up. I tried to make some bread dough and it was a grey blob that looked at me as if it wanted me to rescue it from the slow slump it was in, and I had no remedy at hand.


Ah, today I need a donut, amazing to me how my needs are always sweet carbs. Actually I need some help with technology if anyone is covid free and wants to develop a simple way to communicate with my online students without me calling them each time I need them.

I was thinking of a 3D app that automatically connects and uses small characters to ease the discussion of research, perhaps a dancing cat?


Today I want a new way to correct papers when I login to my classroom. I can’t be the only teacher that wants this, can I ? Insert comment seems so impersonal.

Can someone give me some new techniques?

You get the gist. This space is whatever you need it to be for sharing your story, seeking support or just telling it like it is. It takes a village and we're all in this together.

Ready to tell us what you want, wish and need? We're listening.

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