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Speedy Vaccine

Updated: Apr 16

M. clinical psychologist

I found out via an email that was sent out at 5 PM that the office was closing and not reopening anytime soon. This was a huge surprise to me. Once I learned how to stay safe (I think my nursing background helped), I pretty much went about my regular schedule, except, of course, for work. I read a lot, walked outside on trails a lot, and stayed mostly to myself except for immediate family.

What I really wanted was some support for the clients we served and support for me, since I was an independent contractor I was pretty much left out of all scheduling, decisions, and information.

During the year I really wished my house would sell, it would have provided a nest egg to tie me over and relieve a lot of stress for me. Unfortunately, things did not open up during this time and only in the past few months has the housing market changed.

I need people to realize what a huge miracle the vaccine is. To get all the sequencing and such information within a short window of time to funnel money to get this all done is something that is truly remarkable.

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