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Retired and loving it

Updated: Apr 16

I was so busy before the shut down that I didn’t realize how much I had been doing, or that it was as bad as it was going to get. Since I am of the age that the virus could cause me great harm I had to shelter in my home. But that didn’t mean I wasn’t busy.


I started to cook different dishes that I had always wanted to try. I admit I enjoyed this more than I thought. I also read a lot, even more than I usually did.


What I wanted was to hug my son. Although I saw him socially distanced and kept masks on, I really missed our hugs. Now that I have the vaccine I can hug him again, it is great!


I donated my stimulus check to the arts. Before the shutdown I was volunteering a lot with plays and concerts and I saw how much the arts were suffering from the inability to put on live performances. I wanted them to have the extra money so that when the time came, they could produce wonderful events.

I think, for me the shut down and pandemic was a good thing. It showed me that I was doing too much, it slowed me down to learn new things (like cooking!) and it gave me permission to just sit still.

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