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Missing Social Events

Updated: Apr 16

Mary retired admin assistant

I was taking care of my husband when the shut down happened. Since he was so sick we had not been in a normal social routine. At first, the pandemic was happening to other people and not us. Lots of places closed, but where I live not many. I was still able to come and go as I please. I even had my yard sale, although not many people came. I think they were afraid. I think politics played a big role in the virus and people don’t want to hear about that part.


What I wanted was to go on a trip and visit my son in Virginia. I think I still want that, although I realize it would be very hard making this trip with my husband that is now mentally impaired. I think the planning, the ability to take care of him and driving 20 hours is too much for me to handle.


I wish the schools would reopen. I wish that all the students were back in school. I wanted my granddaughter to have a high school graduation party and that never happened. Now my other granddaughter is graduating from college. Since it is virtual she isn’t even buying the cap and gown. So many social events that should have happened didn’t. I wish they would have.


I need a break from the same routine. I have reached out to a friend and we have lunch in a restaurant once a week and I really look forward to that. We sit and watch the people and talk about silly things like the weather. It is good to get out and breaks up the day-to-day routine.

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