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NAME Carter EMAIL TITLE Science Teacher WHAT DO YOU WANT? WHAT DO YOU WISH? WHAT DO YOU NEED? Covid-19 caused a career shift and big move across the country for myself and small family. Once schools closed, I swiftly lost my job and wanted to make lemonade out of the abrupt change. I got what I wanted, but the distancing protocols have made it difficult to meet people in my new community (one that is already strife with individualism). I wish I could snap my fingers and make wonderful people appear for dinner, bike rides, or stich n' bitch circles. I also need a house to help establish roots. The market has been turbulent to say the least, and not what we were expecting financially cross-country. Now we're the clique millennials stuck in our parents' house- and that needs to change! I AGREE TO THE TERMS & CONDITIONS. Checked

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