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Updated: Apr 16


Oh boy, do I ever remember what I was doing when the shut down happened! I was about to defend my dissertation and suddenly the campus closed. I needed to be on campus to use the Internet to support my research and to have a virtual defense. I was running around trying to find a room that had bandwidth, set up the virtual system…it was crazy.


What I wanted and what I got were two different things. First, what I got was 30 days of sleep. After being in school for so long I was so tired I just wanted to sleep, and that is what I did. I wasn’t aware of the shut down per se, because I shut down. It wasn’t until 2 months into the pandemic that I started working my first real job (from home). Actually, it was from my parent’s house.


What I wish right now is to have a social life. Now that I am done with school (finally!) I can get out and socialize and have fun. I wish I could get out, I wish I could meet people.


What I need is to remember to stop and think about what was important before and after this pandemic. I need some time to examine what I needed to do to make a fresh start. I also thought a lot about how maybe the whole world needed to stop and take a break. I think some good will come out of this shut down.

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