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Updated: Apr 16

When we shut down I finally had the chance to work from home, something I had asked to do a long time ago. I knew I could write tech documents just as well from my house as in the lab. The company I work for reduced the workforce to a 3 day week and made everyone take their vacation time. This allowed the company to keep production going, albeit at a smaller scale.


Of course I wanted this pandemic to be over, just like everyone else. However, I was very content to stay at home. I thought it was very nice to be quiet in my own space that I created to work. My husband was also working from home, so we set up separate work areas and settled into a schedule.


Well, we were going to take a trip out West, and we had to cancel that, so I wish we could have taken it. Other than that there really wasn’t anything I wished for, I still had my job, I was content to be at home.


I didn’t really need anything during the shut down. I guess I might have missed the occasional coffee date, or lunch/dinner out, but really I felt okay. I want people to know that something good came out of this though. My family became much closer, we saw each other more often via weekly Zoom meetings and I liked that. I also gave myself permission to begin projects that I had been putting off for after retirement. I really got into watercolor painting and sewing. I added a huge amount of written work to the digital form. I did a lot this past year.

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