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Updated: Apr 16

Sara esthetician

The pandemic gave me a whole new life. At the time of the shut down I was in an abusive relationship filled with anger and anxiety. As soon as our business shut down, I hopped in my car and drove to West Texas, where my mother and grandmother live. I wanted a safe place to stay and I wanted to get out of a bad situation.


I really wanted to be safe, and I wanted to not get sick. So I thought going far away would kill two birds with one stone. I think I got both. I ended up staying 5 months and it was so good for me. At first I slept a lot. Then my family went outside to parks and hiking trails and I felt like I was becoming the person I was before the pandemic and bad relationship.


I wish people would know how an abusive relationship has many layers and ebbs and flows depending on the dynamics of the relationship. I wish people knew what to say when faced with a person that is describing abuse, kind of like what to say when people die. I wish abuse of a partner did not have to end up in a court.


I need to remind myself that everything shutting down was a time for me to rest and relax. I need to tell people that it is okay to slow down, not hurry, and do multiple things at once. I need people to know that it is okay to take a break. The virus made us take a break and it was okay, not a bad year at all.

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