Want Wish Need - About Us




Founded in 2020 by career special education teacher and college professor Kim Hall, Want Wish Need is on a mission to harness the power of storytelling to empower educators through shared experience, genuine solidarity and community support. 

By creating a safe space to answer the purest and profound questions - What do you want? What do you wish? What do you need? - our goal is to help any and every one of those who teach (K-12, coaches, college professors, specialty instructors, and more) with the platform for catharsis, connection and encouragement. 

Initially inspired by post-it-note-prompts Kim used to leave for her fellow high school teachers, Want Wish Need resurfaced in 2020, the year that proved to be one of the most trying for many with some of its greatest burdens falling on the shoulders of educators. 

During morning coffee with a friend and colleague, Kim realized that what we want, wish and need finds its way into every conversation, and, perhaps, the healing and helping starts with a safe space to simply tell our stories. 

Write it down. Type it out. Hit record. We are listening. 

Want Wish Need - About Us